08/26-27/2017 Tap Rack Carbine/Subgun User, Pueblo West, CO - Primary & Secondary: Administration & Logistics

08/26-27/2017 Tap Rack Carbine/Subgun User, Pueblo West, CO

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Tap-Rack Tactical, LLC will certify you to operate any Sub-Machine Gun or Carbine, semi or auto. This course is geared toward SWAT and Patrol officers who have the mission of using these weapons during the course of their duties. Tap-Rack Tactical covers everything from basic maintenance to controlled automatic firing. 

Topics covered include: 


Internal, external and terminal ballistics.

Zeroing procedures.


Loading and reloads.

Movement drills.

Fast and accurate shooting.

Different Optics and accessories 

Shooting Positions

Strong & support side shooting


Subgun / Rifle Instructor Equipment List


Rifle / Subgun with 2500 rounds of ammunition. (60 rds. of duty ammo) 4 magazines minimum. (You will probably bring some ammo back with you)

Duty Pistol with 100 rounds of ammunition, 3 magazines minimum.

10 dummy rounds for long gun.

Appropriate duty belt with mag pouches. (SWAT or patrol belt)

Body armor. (SWAT or Patrol, wear what your students will wear)

Load bearing vest, carrier, chest rig or whatever to carry extra magazines

Eye and Ear Protection

Ball Cap

Neck protection for hot brass. I.e. Balaclava, high collar shirt, handkerchief.

Clothing appropriate for weather conditions, NO SHORTS!

Note taking material

10 of YOUR department qualification targets

Weapon cleaning equipment

Any tools necessary to disassemble your weapon, remove optics or adjust sights.



Knee and elbow pads

Parts and pieces to fix broken guns, mounts, lights, magazines.

Spare gun(s)

Spare batteries for optics and lights

Laptop for completing class assignments.

Video camera

 This course will have a component of physical exertion and the need for prior knowledge of the weapons used within the course.

  A $50 range fee is included. If you are a member of the PWSA range please email Logistics@primaryandsecondary.com for a range fee refund.

Range info: