11/11-12/2017 Tap Rack Tactical Pistol, Charleston, Illinois - Primary & Secondary: Administration & Logistics

11/11-12/2017 Tap Rack Tactical Pistol, Charleston, Illinois

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Tactical Pistol*   

Length: 2 days  

Tuition: $450

This course will teach you how to be more effective with your pistol during engagements and training. We cover all the basics, then focus on decreasing inefficiencies and increasing skill in all areas. *open to military, law enforcement, and vetted non-military/non-law enforcement.


Tactical Pistol Equipment List


Duty Pistol with 1000 rounds of QUALITY ammunition, (bring more/shoot more.)

3 magazines minimum/ 5 recommended.

Ten (10) Dummy Rounds for your pistol.

Appropriate duty belt with mag pouches. (SWAT or patrol belt)

Body armor. (Host range dictates this)

Eye and Ear Protection (Electronic Ear Pro Recommended)

Handheld Flashlight (Even if you have a weapon mounted light)

Ball Cap.

Clothing appropriate for weather conditions, NO SHORTS!

Note taking material

Ten (10) of YOUR department/personal training/qualification targets

Weapon cleaning equipment, lubrication. Etcetera.

Tools necessary to disassemble your weapon, remove optics or adjust sights if necessary.



Knee and elbow pads

Parts and pieces to fix broken guns, mounts, lights, magazines.

Spare gun (Especially if you are travelling, a broken gun can ruin the class for you)

Neck protection for hot brass. I.e. Balaclava, high collar shirt, handkerchief



Range location:
614 6th Street Charleston Illinois 61920