Direct Action Resource Center

Direct Action Resource Center (DARC) was founded in 1996 to provide discreet, cutting edge, challenging and focused training for Government, Military, Law Enforcement and select corporate entities. For well over a decade, DARC has been training and facilitating a broad spectrum of tactical, operational and strategic disciplines for all of our domestic and international clients. We built the first privately owned urban training facility of it’s kind and assembled a staff with a full spectrum of qualifications that meets or exceeds most, if not all, training requirements. DARC has experience and expertise in a wide range of areas and places the most value on its training staff’s ability to convey information to others. The integrity and relevance of DARC’s programs are unsurpassed in the industry. DARC’s leadership and staff have proven their ability to manage and execute complex and critical projects for numerous U.S. Government, Corporate and Coalition organizations. Our past performance record and client list reflects the extensive accomplishments in facilities design, equipping, force integration, intelligence synthesis, tactical operations, medical treatment, leadership development and advanced special operations skills that pre-dates 9/11/2001 and continues through today. Our training is designed to reinforce mission essential skills while teaching new skills to the operator/individual. All of our graduates are force multipliers to their respective units because they are able to perform their duties with more precision, lethality, discernment, survivability, confidence, maturity and comprehensive knowledge of their operational space. DARC provides a total solution and creates a relevant, useable and valuable experience to our clients that is extremely unique and productive.


Courses Offered:

Advanced Operational Breaching Techniques (AOBT)

Defensive Handgun, 3-Day (Open Enrollment)

High Risk Warrant

Law Enforcement Counter Terrorism Course 1 LECTC1

Law Enforcement Counter Terrorism Course 2 LECTC2

LECT Sniper/Observer

Level 1 Breacher

Open Enrollment Carbine 

Residential, Urban & Vehicle-Small Unit Tactics RUV-SUT

Tactical Supervisor/Management Course

Tactical Urban Sustainment Course TUSC